Blog: The Secret That Nobody Shares


With the New Year upon us, it is not uncommon for individuals, groups or businesses to make changes. Maybe “attempt” to make changes is a better way of putting it. It is estimated as many as 80% of New Year’s resolutions are squandered by the second week of February. Armed with that information, it is important to determine some of the common pitfalls associated with making changes and attempt to avoid those pitfalls when implementing change. Since 2010, transportation companies have been looking to Telematics providers like Streamline to integrate value added technology to help improve their fleet’s operation. Streamline has been part of several Telematics integrations and we have a few secrets to share to improve your 2019 fleet’s operational goals.

start with everything = do nothing
It is January 1st and you have a goal to lose weight. To achieve this goal, you can adjust your schedule, or your diet, or your activity levels. You can join a gym and get a heart rate monitor. You can count your calories, limit your sugar intake and increase the amount of vegetables you consume. You can stop drinking alcohol and wake up early for a run and, and…. geez, that’s a lot of change… losing weight is impossible.

simple vs everything
Maybe it’s easier to just start getting up early and going for a walk. Once we have consistently done that, we can make our way to the gym. Soon we find ourselves at the gym, every morning, we’ve created that change, so much so that its become a habit. We can’t imagine not getting up and going to the gym because it’s our routine now. And guess what? We hop on the scale and we have lost weight.

start with simple = do simple great = do everything great over time
Telematics and fleet management technologies are no different. Sure you can get a TMS that integrates with your ELD provider which integrates with your camera solution which feeds your customer portal which improves your fleet’s efficiencies. Certainly that is a goal for several fleet operators, if not all. Many mature fleets are well ingrained in these types of technologies and are now trying to integrate them to all work together. At Streamline we pride ourselves in being experts in that area.

So maybe you are just making the switch from paper logs to electronic logs, or, maybe you’re investigating Streamline’s IoT capable advanced driving assistance NaviLink Gateway. Wherever you are on the Telematics spectrum, start with simple changes, measure those changes and then continuously improve. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

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