Blog: Fleet Managers – 5 Musts for a Telematics Partner

Happy spouse, peaceful house!

The partners you choose influence so many aspects of your life and the partners you choose in business are no different. Since it’s Valentines day, let’s reflect on your telematics partner and decide if it’s worth celebrating your partner…or time to find a new one. Below are the 5 musts for a Telematics Partner.

1. Compatible
Mutual interests, core values and similar beliefs. These are the foundation of a good partnership. Navistream is the product of 4 generations of trucking, a diverse cross section of transportation industries and a continuous improvement approach to telematics. We believe that transportation companies better understand transportation and because of that Navistream is the best partner for your fleet.

Reasons to Partner with Streamline
– Tool to use within operation.
– Doesn’t tell you what to do.
– Easy to work with.

2. Brings out the best in you
She might be beautiful and he might be rich, but do they make you a better person? Partnerships aren’t always easy and they can be demanding on each party involved. However, it’s said that a good marriage may help you live longer. The beliefs are that a good marriage develops good habits, creates a sense of purpose, creates meaningful roles, and a sense of security. Your telematics partner should provide the same things for your business. Streamline staff pride themselves on putting the customer first because in order for us to achieve our goals, we need our customers to exceed theirs.

Reasons to Partner with Streamline
-Easy to use.
-Exceed goals.

3. Stable
The crazy ex… count yourself lucky if you haven’t experienced it. Count yourself unlucky if you are still living it. Navistream prides itself on its stability and its reliability for Fleet Managers’ day to day operations. Like a good partner, Navistream doesn’t lie and does what it says it will do. It ensures that Fleet Managers make better and more informed decisions. So when the fleet tracking says the truck is going to be arriving home in 15 minutes, you can trust it but the same can’t be said for your crazy ex.

Reasons to Partner with Streamline
-Accurate data.
-Make better decisions.

4. Supportive
It’s easy to be good when it’s good but it’s not so easy when the going gets tough. When you aren’t your best or things aren’t going well, you have to have someone to lean on. Someone to work your problems out with you. A real person to talk to and someone who cares. Your telematics partner should be no different. We understand the hurry up and wait nature of the industry and we also understand the importance of real people at support.

Reasons to Partner with Streamline
-People who care.
-Someone to talk to.

5. Attractive
Your telematics tool should be something you look forward to using each and everyday. Like the paint job on your truck, the rims on your tires or the stickers on your bumper, the telematics tool you choose should say something about your fleet. Why not have the best in class user interface on the market? You want the partners you choose in life to be something you’re proud to show off. This is certainly the case with Navistream by Streamline.

Reasons to Partner with Streamline
Best in class user interface.
-Best in class hardware.
-Continuously improved software.

Does your current provider satisfy the above? What do you look for in a transportation tech partner? Find our more about us at

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