Blog: Are we serious about making trucking safer?

Are we serious about making trucking safer? The future is now, Streamline has the technology, it’s called NaviLink.

For most of us in the transportation industry, ELD is a well known element of our business. It is a regulatory compliance requirement ensuring HOS for transportation professionals is accurate. It means fewer tired drivers on the road and less accidents.The truth of the matter is that the industry has become fragmented by the ELD mandate and several sects have formed. Some professionals view the ELD mandate as a resource for management to “big brother” their operators and use that data as a method for policing or exploiting. Another common view is a new revenue stream for government, or as a method for the “big guys” to drive out the “little guys”. Heck, some even go as far as claiming it a “spying” tool for the government!

Make no mistake, the ELD mandate is simply intended for improving safety on our roads.
Since the inception of the ELD mandate, several ELD providers have emerged with their own strategy for the consumer. Low cost provider, return on investment, additional fleet management tools are many of the added value we all hear. Data and reports are critical to success. Metrics and key performance indicators are great measurable tools for setting targets to meet and exceed. At the end of the day, if you are monitoring and measuring your fleet through the above mentioned means, you are ahead of the average operator. Regardless of the many benefits monitoring and measuring your fleet provides, one thing is certain, it can be time consuming. Whether that is your time or another employees time, it is still a resource that can be utilized in another area.  

With so many different businesses, commodities, vehicle types, it’s impossible for one provider to satisfy all the niche industry needs within the Transportation Ecosystem. However, the consistency that can be found across the board in every industry is the same, resources. We all need to operate a safe fleet regardless of the faction of the transportation industry we work in.

Asks are up, resources are down, what to do? Automation is the answer.
Monitoring is good but vehicle assistance and control is better. Like all new vehicles on the market today, assisted driving technologies are prevalent and used as an aid for improved safety on our roads. New technology takes the safety notifications we are used to in the past and implements safety actions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have that type of technology throughout your fleet? As futuristic as this might sound, its available today with Streamline. So next time you are at a load location or going through a school zone without noticing, NaviLink has you covered.

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