The Crownsmen Podcast: Ep 18. Telematics & Vehicle Automation Technology with Streamline

The Crownsmen Podcast

The show promotes the industrial sectors of North America and explores the latest in technology, challenges & opportunities, and government.

Ep 18. Telematics & Vehicle Automation Technology with Streamline

Fleet management systems continue to evolve and as electronic logbooks and vehicle tracking become mandatory, small to large fleets will be required to implement telematics into their fleets. Telematics encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, for instance, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.), and computer science (multimedia, Internet, etc.). When delivered correctly the technology makes a driver’s life easier, their vehicles safer, and helps transportation companies operate more efficiently and become more profitable. Dan De Palma – VP of Sales & Marketing at Streamline sat with us to unpackage the scope of what telematics covers in modern day transportation. #transportationtechnology #streamline #fleetmanagement

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