Summer is for relaxing

“Yeah I’ll get to it…. right after this…” 

Why is it that we can find time to do pretty much anything other than the task at hand? Procrastinating our task list is something we all tend to do, especially for tasks that we don’t want or have to do.  Most of us are aware that procrastinating adds to our stress, anxiety, and lowers our general well-being. So why is it that some research suggests that procrastination has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years!?* Even if a task has no immediate deadline, but it’s something we know we will have to do, why do we put it off? We won’t pontificate the best strategy available to get your tasks done, however we do know many carriers have been procrastinating the switch from paper logs to electronic logs. Maybe they just needed a deadline?

It was recently announced that in June of 2021, Canada will follow the US and mandate ELD for commercial carriers, vehicles and drivers. This will align cross border carriers and bring consistency to the transportation industry in North America. In the US, the full enforcement date for ELD will occur in December of 2019. Although both of those dates are months away, it is only a matter of time that ELD will be required, so why wait?

With only a few long weekends left, and the number of backyard BBQ opportunities dwindling, the last thing you want distracting you from summer is work. Summertime is for enjoying the weather outdoors with family and friends. Summertime is for golfing, fishing, camping…even sunburns! Summer time isn’t to be wasted worrying about what you still have to get done. So reach out and trust your onboard technology to Streamline. Ensure you are compliant with Navistream and have our industry leading telematics help you operate your fleet safer and more efficiently.

If you are interested in our $0 money down offering on Navistream, reach out to us today!

Streamline was initially used as a cost measuring tool to manage fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and vehicle utilization. Streamline is now a recognized certified ELD provider and has brought innovative solutions to the marketplace. To learn more about our IoT platformvehicle automationELD compliant solution, or ERP solution, please reach out to us at or visit


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