Don’t be scared!

Sometimes making a change can be a scary thing! Change can be even more SPOOKY if we are making a change within our transportation fleet! Whether it be people, process, or new technology, we as humans get used to routines and our brains get used to the status quo. When we implement change we disrupt our brain’s routines and it can be frightening! This doesn’t need to be the case and by altering our perspective we can look at change as something different. Perhaps we can start to look at change as an opportunity.

Choosing the right Telematics partner is a big decision for fleet managers. Many fleet managers don’t know what is available to them because they don’t have the time to research what is in the marketplace. Who can blame them? They are busy professionals and it is estimated that there are over 400 providers in the marketplace today. It can be a cumbersome process combing through the various offerings available and the short term stress doesn’t seem worth it!

For other fleet managers, their organization may already have a system in place. They may remember the telematics onboarding experience to be difficult and the buy-in from staff to be challenging. Perhaps a bad experience in the past has cautioned them from making a change. Even though they might not be satisfied with what they currently have, they assume the worst of the other Telematic providers in the space and refuse to explore what else is out there. Don’t let your fear of failure compound a past bad decision with another bad decision!

Collaboration is the best way to determine new possibilities. Working with organizations with different expertise isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity. Whether you are exploring simple ELD compliance, dispatch integration, driver coaching, or any of the many other operational functions within transportation, take a look at Navistream. Autonomous vehicles are far off however autonomous features and driver assistance technology is here today. With our engine connection hardware NaviLink, your fleet will have ELD compliance, along with Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), and other driver assistance technologies, in any vehicle you connect to. With the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA) proposing they would like to have a speed limiter mandate at the same time as the ELD mandate in Canada, many in the industry believe that this is an inevitability for all jurisdictions to mandate speed limiters. Future proof your fleet with NaviLink hardware and Navistream software by Streamline. Be the change your organization’s needs, overcome your fear of change!

Streamline was used as a cost measuring tool to manage fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle utilization. Streamline is now a recognized certified ELD provider and has brought innovative solutions to the marketplace. To learn more about IoT platform NaviLink’s intelligent speed adaptation system or Navistreams ELD compliant solution, or any of our products today, please reach out to us at or visit

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