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Last year in February, we had a blog post listing the 5 Must Haves for a Telematics Partner. Considering the rapid pace and adoption of various technologies (both inside and outside of the cab) those 5 key factors are even more crucial today. With so much competition in the transportation space and the small profit margins, it’s important to be aligned with the partners you choose. If all are aligned, you will encounter fewer speed bumps on the path to achieving your overall vision.

Today, Transportation companies are familiar with some form of onboard technology and due to the US and upcoming Canadian ELD Mandate, many have experience with an ELD compliant tool. This wasn’t the case last year, or the year prior, when you probably piloted or trialed your first ELD compliant tool. Technology like GPS, messaging, or mapping have been transportation staples for years but for many ELD’s were something new and foreign. As a result, fleet managers were tasked with implementing an ELD compliant tool while still meeting the various business and technical requirements within the organization. To a large number of fleet managers, this meant more cost. The solution was to find a low cost option that ensured ELD compliance. 

The truth is that your ELD tool is about so much more than compliance and is just one part of your telematics system. If you are not considering the value of the data an ELD device collects when plugged into your engine, you are missing out on real money (savings and true return on your investment). Navistream’s powerful report builder provides incredible insights to assist you in managing your transportation business. 

With Navistream, operations teams, safety teams and finance teams can build the reports that they need to get the information needed to do their jobs in a timely fashion. Technology and the applications our businesses use are ever evolving and your partners need to fit into your operation. The needs you have today will change as you move forward and the telematics partners you pair with need to be as responsive as your business needs are. With Navistream you can have a streamlined suite of technology applications assisting your day-to-day operation.

Are you happy with the decision you have made and the ELD partner you have chosen? Are you better off today, worse off…the same? Did you choose a solution or a partner? 

During the month of February we are tasked with celebrating our partners and relationships. Issues like service failures, bankruptcies, failed updates, hardware issues, and simply noncompliance have plagued the ELD space recently. Many operators are unsatisfied with the ELD solution they have but are hesitant to look at alternatives. We urge you to give us a call or check out our products at  Still not convinced?  Our future proof NaviLink hardware provides advanced driver assistance technology for any type of vehicle in your fleet. Once you start using Navistream, you will know you chose the right partner.

Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc. (“Streamline”) is a leading provider of fleet management solutions for the transportation industry. Streamline combines telematics with advanced wireless and vehicle automation technologies to make vehicles safer, cleaner and more productive. Streamline has three major components to its system; Navistream™ is an on-board intelligence and telematics platform, NaviLink® is a vehicle gateway and active control system, and Degama is a Transportation Management Solution (TMS). The integration of the three platforms allows Streamline to offer a complete package of fleet solutions, customizable to any fleet size. For more information visit or email

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