Canadian ELD Mandate – What You Need To Know

When is the Canadian ELD Mandate?
Motor carriers will need to choose, buy and install certified devices in their commercial motor vehicles by June 12, 2021

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) – Third-Party Certification 
A Registry of Accredited Certification Bodies is available now as the application process to certify ELDs has started in Canada. For compliance with Transport Canada, ELD suppliers will need both hardware and software/smartphone apps to be tested and certified by a third-party certification body. A device that is self-certified for ELD compliance in the United States will still require third-party certification for Canadian ELD compliance. Not all ELD suppliers have expressed commitment to go through the Canadian process for ELD certification. 

Prepare for the Canadian ELD Mandate
To avoid compliance penalties that can run well over $10,000 it is important to review your fleets onboard technology. ELD suppliers like Streamline Transportation Technologies are committed to the Canadian process and hours of service compliance. Streamline has already been outfitting carriers with equipment and training in advance of Canadian ELD certification. The Canadian Trucking Alliance is urging carriers not to delay and work with companies like Streamline to adhere to hours of service regulations, reduce fatigue in drivers, improve administrative efficiency and increase road safety in Canada.

For more information on the Canadian ELD Mandate, please see the below resources from Transport Canada:

Electronic Logging Device Information

Canada – Provincial Transportation Associations

List of Certified Electronic Logging Devices

About Streamline
Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc., an Arrow Company, is a leading provider of fleet management solutions for the transportation industry. Streamline combines telematics with advanced wireless and vehicle automation technologies to make vehicles safer, cleaner, and more productive. Streamline offers three major core products; Navistream™, an ELD and telematics platform, NaviLink®, a vehicle gateway and active control system, and Degama, a Transportation Management Solution (TMS). The integration of the three platforms allows Streamline to offer a complete package of fleet solutions, customizable to any fleet size. For more information, visit

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