Make $4,000 Per Truck This Year

What if your ELD could save you as much as $4,000 per year? 

Within trucking circles, ELD is often considered a sunk compliance cost. This shouldn’t be the case and unfortunately many operators miss out on the valuable data ELD’s can provide. Below are some of the ways your ELD can leverage information from your trucks engine to start saving you money instantly.

Fuel Cost & Maintenance Savings
With Driver Performance Summaries available daily, weekly and monthly, start comparing your top performers to your low performers. By setting up point benchmarks and targets, fleets can use point scoring systems to generate driver scores. 

Speed, RPM and Braking are all critical to your fleets bottom line. By measuring these critical items you can gain insight into where you are losing money and how you can improve your operation. Idle time is an instant place to start and is one of the first unnecessary behaviours that can be curbed to improve fleet performance. One by one you can eliminate cost causing behaviours and add dollars to your pocket.

Equipment & Asset Utilization
Often the Trucking industry is one of “Hurry up and wait”. Unproductive time, assets or people can be real profit killers and the inability to collect or prove these instances can strain customer and vendor relationships. Whether using geozones (geofencing), driver activity buttons, messaging, or fleet tracking, your ELD can provide data so you can eliminate unproductive events. 

In addition to improving productivity, the data your ELD provides can help plan and cost various facets of your operation. Improve customer rates, trip margins, driver pay and vendor relationships with your ELD’s reporting. A great place to start is comparisons of empty vs loaded metrics and average time spent on customer sites. These types of items will provide a reality of what is truly going on in your operation. Having this information available gives you the knowledge to negotiate and have a leg up on your competition.

Documentation & Driver Retention
No longer fear your audit! The intention of the ELD mandate is to improve road safety by eliminating cheaters who manufacture Hour of Service logbooks. Because ELD’s automate so much of the paperwork that was once the responsibility of drivers, errors dramatically decrease. Form & Manner violations that plagued fleets vanish overnight with the implementation of ELD’s. You can demonstrate due diligence with your HoS violations by using your ELD to document your coaching and review sessions with drivers. Not only do you eliminate the ticket cost of your fleets violations but you decrease your fleets insurance rates, your CSA score and retain your drivers through improved documentation with your ELD.

These are just a few of the ways your ELD can make $4,000 Per Truck This Year. Streamline’s ELD platform Navistream has an advanced reporting engine that allows for reports to be created specifically for what your operation needs. Save these reports for your staff, measure your operation with these reports and start making money!

About Streamline
Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc., an Arrow Company, is a leading provider of fleet management solutions for the transportation industry. Streamline combines telematics with advanced wireless and vehicle automation technologies to make vehicles safer, cleaner, and more productive. Streamline offers three major core products; Navistream™, an ELD and telematics platform, NaviLink®, an IoT vehicle gateway and active control system, and Degama, a Transportation Management Solution (TMS). The integration of the three platforms allows Streamline to offer a complete package of fleet solutions, customizable to any fleet size. For more information, visit

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