Save Time & Money with Navistream’s Latest Advanced Shift Report

Navistream’s latest advanced shift report can provide your fleet with BIG savings! Below are 4 ways the new advanced “Shift Report” can be leveraged within your fleet today. 

1. Improved Driver Pay & Performance
Expand individual driver shifts for a more granular view of each driver’s performance. Review driver shifts with breadcrumb tracks or through time logged activities from start to finish. Ensure items like load time, unload time, pre/post-trip inspections, and other activities take the appropriate duration of time, so vendors and customers are satisfied. Whether drivers are compensated by distance, trip, or time, ensure there are no disputes when it’s payday. 

2. See The Full Fleet’s Performance
Using the Shift Summary view, see how your fleet performed over the day, week, or over any period of time you’d like. Retrieve the total number of loads and unloads you’ve performed and compare them against how many drivers and shifts it took to achieve. Review valuable time metrics throughout the various legs of the day and see where the majority of the fleet’s shift time is being utilized. Ensure customer satisfaction and keep your workforce efficient!

3. Keep Track of Fuel
Monitor individual driver’s fuel consumption as well as the fleet as a whole. Review as averages or totals and separate Empty vs. Loaded vs. Combined consumption. Monitor the amount of time drivers are idling, the average for the fleet, and eliminate wasted fuel. See when, where, and for how long drivers are speeding to improve fuel efficiency. Help keep fuel costs down and avoid unnecessary costs.

4. Customize & Automate What is Important
Like all of the advanced reporting features in Navistream, the Shift Summary report is fully customizable and can be tailored to your business’s specific needs and desires. With the ability to save multiple view types and the ability to schedule and email reports to others, utilize the Shift Summary for several internal and external purposes. Export reports for further investigation in other applications. 

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