Canada ELD Mandate for Motor Coach Carriers

Canada ELD Mandate for Motor Coach Carriers

In a nutshell:

On May 5, 2021, CCMTA announced that on June 2021 Canada ELD mandate will begin with progressive enforcement starting with education and awareness and move to full enforcement by June 2022.

  • It means that starting from June 2022 all federally regulated trucks and buses will require the use of Electronic Logging Devices to record their Hours of Services (HoS), replacing paper logbooks.
  • This initiative took place to streamline HOS management, reduce crashes caused by driver fatigue and increase fair competition between fleet owners.

What are the main exemptions for buses equipped with a certified ELD?

− If you did not require a paper log, you will not require an ELD.

− Buses that stay within a 160 km radius of where the bus starts/ends the day and returns to the same location/ home terminal. For example, school buses.

− A bus rented for no longer than 30 days and is not an extended or renewed rental of the same bus.

− A bus manufactured before the model year 2000.

Have questions about the Canadian ELD mandate?

How to choose an ELD provider?

Canadian ELD providers must be Third-party Certified.  FPInnovations is the only third-party certification body as of May 2021.

At the time of writing this post, there are no Electronic Logging Devices certified for use in Canada.  Transport Canada’s website will be updated as ELD provider’s devices are certified.

You may ask: “How can I choose an ELD when no one is certified yet?” The best advice we would give is to request assurance from your current or potential ELD provider that they will be certified before June 2022. A money-back offer from your potential ELD provider should be offered if they are not certified on time.

Visit Government websites for more information:

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety & Technical Standard for ELDs (

Electronic logging devices (

How can I benefit from using an ELD device?

Major benefits of using ELDs are:

  • Time saver for HOS recording
  • Simplified bus inspection reporting
  • Minimize administrative work

Additional benefits from using Streamline ELD:

  • The easiest to use driver-friendly interface
  • Responsive customer service and support
  • GPS tracking
  • Advanced reporting
  • Automated IFTA reporting
  • Geofencing (tracking specific geo zones for speeding and time drivers spent there)
  • Tracking driving habits and improving them
  • Tracking idling time & reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase safety & lower insurance premium
  • Customizable features and reports for your fleet
For more information visit Motor Coach Canada website.

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