Canada ELD Mandate Readiness

Canada ELD Mandate Readiness with Navistream ELD

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Transport Canada (TC) has now committed to a year-long ‘progressive enforcement period.’ Transport Minister Omar Alghabra stated that “This will give sufficient time for the industry to obtain and install certified electronic logging devices (ELDs) without penalty as of June 12, 2021. Early enforcement measures will consist of education and awareness,” no penalty stage, then progress to formal notifications through inspection reports, then options for warning letters, and eventually full enforcement by January 2023 (CCMTA).
The Minister urged carriers to equip their trucks with ELDs “as soon as reasonably possible.”

At this time, there have been no ELD certifications issued to date by TC. To help with the backlog of ELD providers wanting to get certified and the future requirements of TC, we anticipate additional ELD certification bodies to be accredited by TC.

Streamline is on track and committed to ensuring that Navistream has obtained its certification well before the strict enforcement date, which is now stated for January 1st, 2023.

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