Successful ELD Implementation – Preparing for January 2023

Successful ELD Implementation – Preparing for January 2023

As the Canadian ELD mandate has been “postponed” to January 2023, some fleets have time to delay its implementation. Our team at Streamline has the following recommendations and deadlines to keep in mind while choosing an ELD:

  1. Do Research (1-3 months)

There are many ELDs on the market, and each of them has its benefits and disadvantages. Streamline ELD is well known for its simplicity, reliability, and advanced reporting features.

There are two ways fleet owners can do the research:

 1) Begin with the goal in mind. Know what needs you want to fill by onboarding telematics in trucks. Usually, the top three needs of fleet managers are  Compliance with the ELD Mandate, Simplicity, and Safety Improvements.

 2) If you are unsure what product is perfect for your company, pilot and demo different solutions and see if the product provides value to the business.

 Lastly, make sure the ELD you choose is compliant. As no one is certified as of June 28th, 2021, you can request a money-back to be mentioned in your contract if the ELD you chose is not certified on time.

  1. Plan the installment (1-3 months)

Two things you should keep in mind while ordering ELDs:

 1)Like in any industry, there could be delays in delivery. This can be due to a large volume of orders, supply chain delays, and potential unforeseen issues (like COVID-19 Global Pandemic).

 2) Do not wait until the last minute and try to choose the least busy operational period for ELD onboarding, so all your trucks get proper installments and your drivers get the training.

  1. Train your team (1-3 months)

Changing the workflow by adding a new technology to work with can be time-consuming but rewarding. At Streamline, we provide in person training for new companies and ongoing support to ensure every client is satisfied with our ELD. From our perspective, it might take up to three months to fully get used to a new work routine of using telematics. Visit our support website to get yourself familiar with our self-serve training and videos.

  1. Assess your KPIs (Ongoing)

As now your trucks are onboarded with telematics, you might also use them for your benefit. Many companies use telematics to reduce cost, analyze drivers’ behaviour, and, most importantly, improve safety.

ELD Implementation should be smooth. Our team of specialists is here to help you with any questions you may have.

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Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc., an Arrow Company, is a leading provider of fleet management solutions for the transportation industry. Streamline combines telematics with advanced wireless and vehicle automation technologies to make vehicles safer, cleaner, and more productive. Streamline offers three major core products; Navistream™, an ELD and telematics platform, NaviLink®, an IoT vehicle gateway and active control system, and Degama, a Transportation Management Solution (TMS). The integration of the three platforms allows Streamline to offer a complete package of fleet solutions, customizable to any fleet size. For more information, visit

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