Get Ready for Brake Safety Week (August 22-28)

Get Ready for Brake Safety Week

(August 22-28)

This year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has scheduled a Brake Safety Week for August 22-28. This week, expect an increased number of North American Standard Inspections focusing on the vehicle’s brake systems and its’ components. CVSA will gather data and provide a report of the 2021 Brake Safety Week findings later.

Why is Brake Safety Week important?

  • During the 2020 International Roadcheck inspection, brake systems and adjustment violations reached 38.6% of all vehicle-out-of-service violations.
  • According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) latest “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts,” braking system is the third most cited vehicle-related factor in fatal vehicle crashes.
  • 12% out of the 43,565 CMV inspected were placed out of service for Brake-related violations.

What should I expect?

During August 22-28 week, expect an increased number of inspections across North America.

August 2021 is also Brake Safety Awareness Month. Expect various law enforcement agencies to provide educational and awareness campaigns about proper brake maintenance and performance.

Inspect all CMVs for any brake-related issues before an inspector puts it out of service for the brake-related violation.

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