How to Get a Driver Payroll Report from Navistream

How to Get a Driver Payroll Report from Navistream

Navistream ELD brings value beyond HOS compliance. With the Shift Summary Report, Navistream users can easily save and pull out a Driver Payroll Report.

This report allows users to track the number of hours drivers spend clocked in and out through Navistream, accurately tracking driver activity as they perform various activities throughout their day. Now Navistream users can get better insight into a driver’s shift, seeing activities and delays when stopped and the time and distance travelled.


  • Save money on payroll costs & paper timecards;
  • Save time and automate the process;
  • Simplify tracking the number of hours and distance travelled in a driver’s day.


  • Customize the report based on the Date Range that works best for your organization (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Filter the table to see the Shift Summary Report for a particular driver, vehicle, trailer, or for the whole organization.
  • Save the report to have access to it at any time.
  • Automate this process and schedule reports sharing to one or multiple emails.

For detailed instructions about our Shift Summary Report, visit

You can also visually see what drivers have done throughout the day in a Breadcrumb/Detailed Driver Trip Report.

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