Understanding Canadian ELD Mandate and BC Logging Hours-of-Services

 Understanding Canadian ELD Mandate and

BC Logging Hours-of-Services

In March 2022, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) announced that “the use of ELDs for federally regulated carriers will be mandatory starting January 1, 2023.” An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a device that is connected to the vehicle engine control module and automatically records a driver’s driving time.

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is currently determining how to mandate ELDs in the province. As stated in the BC National Safety Code Bulletin (updated on March 17, 2022), “the revised intended target for the implementation of a provincial ELD mandate is January 1, 2023.” Exact timelines for provincial ELD enforcement are expected soon.

Existing British Columbia Hours-of-Services (HOS) regulations mirror the Canadian federal regulations. Additional rules have been added; BC Logging Hours of Services is an example. Logging trucks in BC have a choice to follow three HOS rules: BC Logger, Canadian Federal Cycle 1, or Canadian Federal Cycle 2. While the Federal HOS seems straightforward, the BC Logging HOS can often be misunderstood. As per CVSE National Safety Code, trucks that follow BC Logging HOS:

  1. Can have a maximum of 13 hours driving time in a 24-hour period or work shift.
  2. Cannot drive after 15 hours of on-duty or elapsed time since the start of the work shift.
  3. Must have at least 9 hours of off-duty time between shifts.
  4. Must not drive after 65 driving hours in seven days.
  5. Must not drive after 80 hours of on-duty in seven days
  6. Must be off duty at least 24 consecutive hours every seven days (Note: Logger HOS does not reset but continue to be a rolling 7-day total).
  7. Must have a logbook, regardless of the distance travelled (when operating under the standard HOS rules, you usually do not need to use the logbook if you work within the 160 km radius from your home terminal).
  8. Have to indicate that they are “operating under logging truck hours” in the logbook Remarks section.
  9. Cannot defer off-duty time.

Other universal logbook rules that apply to most carriers (including loggers) are:

    1. Keep your previous 14 days of logs in the truck.
    2. Keep your last six months of logs at your business place.
    3. You can use your commercial motor vehicle for personal use for 75 km.

The key benefit of using BC Logging HOS is they maximize legal daily working time by adding one hour daily and 10 hours weekly. However, if you regularly experience over 30 consecutive minutes of delays during a work shift and can go off-duty, you may find Canadian Federal HOS rules more beneficial to your business.

Regardless of the HOS that you choose to follow, you will eventually need to use an Electronic logging device to record your duty status. Streamline Transportation Technologies is a Kamloops-based ELD and telematics provider that supports BC Logging, Canadian Federal, Alberta Provincial and other HOS rules. We make sure that all our customers stay compliant with government requirements and benefit from using telematics. Our systems have a best-in-class user interface, the ability to build custom reports, and responsive local customer support. Forestry players such as Canfor, West Fraser, Interfor, ALPAC, Weyerhaeuser, and Mosaic Forest Management have chosen Navistream, by Streamline, as their ELD solution. 

Key benefits of using Streamline ELD, Navistream:

  • ELD Compliance
  • Flexible for your specific business needs
  • Various HOS, including BC Logging HOS
  • Local, quick and responsive customer support
  • Driver-friendly and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Pre-/post trip DVIR inspections that are customizable
  • Trip & shift summary reportings, IFTA mileage reporting, geofencing and fuel tracking
  • Advanced and customizable reporting 
  • GPS tracking included
  • Two-way messaging
  • Unlimited users
  • Data included

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