Canadian ELD Mandate

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June 12th, 2021 marks the start of the Canadian ELD Mandate. Truck drivers will have a one-year period of “Soft Enforcement” followed by “Full Enforcement” on January 1st, 2023. We are here to help you get ready!

On May 5, 2021, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) announced that June 2021 ELD mandate will begin with progressive enforcement starting with education and awareness, penaly-free stage, then progress to formal notifications through inspection reports, then options for warning letters. The full enforcement will take place in January 2023.

Streamline is here to help you go throught ELD enforcement smoothly.


Canadian ELD Mandate Facts

  • Similar to the USA ELD mandate, Transport Canada requires Federal Commercial Motor Vehicles to replace all existing paper logs used to record Hours of Service (HOS) with Electronic Logbooks (ELDs).
  • Federal carriers are those that cross provincial borders and drive under Canadian Federal HOS rules.
  • Provincial carriers will likely require ELDs after the Federal Mandate with some provinces already committed.
  • This initiative took place to streamline HOS management, reduce crashes caused by driver fatigue and increase fair competition between Fleet owners.
  • Canadian ELD vendor devices must be third-party certified by accredited certification bodies.

Main exemptions from being equipped with a certified ELD are:

  •  Driving under the current HOS regulations exemption.
  • Driving within a radius of 160 km of the home terminal.
  • Operating by a carrier to which an exemption has been issued under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act
  • Driving a vehicle that is subject to a rental agreement of no longer than 30 days that is not an extended or renewed rental of the same vehicle
  • Driving commercial vehicles equipped with the engine manufactured before the model year 2000



What are the benefits of ELDs?

  • Make the HOS process simple and hassle-free
  • Save time and money by eliminating hours of data entry
  • Improve truck driver safety and productivity
  • Avoid hours of service violations
  • Eliminate costs associated with violations and breaches in compliance
  • Adopt environmentally friendly business practices

We understand that there is a lot to consider when choosing an ELD provider. With Streamline, we are both FMCSA and Transport Canada compliant today and in the future. You can rest assured we can provide you with a solution that is simple, adaptable, affordable and reliable.

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