ELD Mandate

Federal mandate came into effect January 1st, 2023

BC mandate comes into effect August 1st, 2023


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Canadian ELD Mandate Facts:

  • Transport Canada requires Federal Commercial Motor Vehicles to replace all existing paper logs used to record Hours of Service (HOS) with Electronic Logbooks (ELDs).
  • Federal carriers are those that cross provincial borders and drive under Canadian Federal HOS rules.
  • Most Provincial Carriers will require ELDs after the Federal Mandate with some provinces already committed.
  • This initiative took place to streamline HOS management, reduce crashes caused by driver fatigue and increase fair competition between Fleet owners.
  • Canadian ELD vendor devices must be third-party certified by accredited certification bodies.

Main exemptions from being equipped with a certified ELD are:

  •  Driving under the current HOS regulations exemption.
  • Driving within a radius of 160 km of the home terminal.
  • Operating by a carrier to which an exemption has been issued under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act
  • Driving a vehicle that is subject to a rental agreement of no longer than 30 days that is not an extended or renewed rental of the same vehicle
  • Driving commercial vehicles equipped with the engine manufactured before the model year 2000

Benefits of Using Navistream ELD

  • Make the HOS process simple and hassle-free;
  • Select from various federal, provincial and industry HOS rules;
  • Improve truck driver safety and productivity;
  • Customize Driver Vehicle Inspections;
  • Benefit from using ELD Automated Workflow and rest assured that the logs are signed, and vehicle inspections are performed;
  • Get quick and responsive Customer Service;
  • Customize Reports;
  • And more.

We understand that there is a lot to consider when choosing an ELD provider. We are here to provide you with a solution that is compliant, simple, adaptable and reliable.

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