Driver Performance

Driver Performance

Keep your fleet under better control through fuel tracking and driver performance reporting.

Navistream helps improve safety, performance and equipment up-time, in addition to reducing costs related to repair, vehicle downtime, driving violations, and excessive fuel consumption.

Trucking companies can use the money saved for driver bonuses and other incentive pay, encouraging their fleet to maintain a high level of performance.

Fuel Management

The best way for transportation companies to minimize fleet operating expenses is to lower fuel consumption. Inefficient fuel utilization can be the result of poorly maintained trucks, unsafe driving patterns, excessive idling and unnecessary driving distance. Our on-board fleet tracking solution provides you with high value insights that help you identify which corrective measures you need to take to avoid excessive fuel consumption and reduce fuel spending.


  • Finding vehicles that need maintenance
  • Detecting dangerous driving behaviours such as harsh acceleration or hard cornering
  • Identifying excessive idling

Minimize Fuel Use


On-board electronic logbooks remove the complexity and headaches of paper logs for drivers and allow to:

  • Record drivers’ available time more accurately
  • Give fair salaries based on drivers’ hours of service
  • Reduce drivers’ tiredness
  • Maximize employee satisfaction

Navistream two-way messaging tool facilitates communication between vehicle operators and management, making it possible for:

  • Receiving instructions and sending instant feedback
  • Drivers to focus their energy on the road
  • Checking in on progress in real-time

Sets the base for an optimal driving experience and a better fleet performance

Keep in mind that better drivers constantly meet customer expectations and they generate positive word-of-mouth for your business. So don’t miss the opportunity to shine in the transportation industry!

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