On-Board Intelligence & Telematics

Key Features

A multi-facet tool, Navistream offers many transportation solutions

Automated Workflows


Two-Way Messaging

Vehicle Safety Inspection

Vehicle Tracking

ELD Compliance

Advanced Reporting

Camera Integration

Companion Apps

Easy To Use

Navistream was built with the user experience in mind. With quick and easy installation processes, drivers are up and running on Navistream in minutes.

ROI Cost Savings

Navistream pays for itself the moment it is implemented.


in fuel cost savings


in utilization (trip times, waiting time, load, unload) cost savings


in safety/insurance cost savings


in documentation cost savings


in maintenance cost savings


in retention cost savings

Total Annual Savings


Savings are based on 1 driver/truck, 12 hours per day/truck, 22.5 working days/month, $200 fuel cost per day/truck

“Our Navistream experience has been made easy by the high level of service provided by their support staff. The software is user friendly, robust and performs extremely well for our large user base. Navistreams highly functional and well laid out design has allowed us to rapidly deploy it within our fleet.”

BST Transportation Group
Business Service Manager

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