On-Board Intelligence, ELD & Telematics

Key Features

Automated Workflows


Two-Way Messaging

Vehicle Safety Inspection

Vehicle Tracking

ELD Compliance

Advanced Reporting

Camera Integration

Companion Apps

Easy To Use

Navistream was built with the user experience in mind. With quick and easy installation processes, drivers are up and running on Navistream in minutes.

ROI Cost Savings

Navistream pays for itself the moment it is implemented.


in fuel cost savings


in utilization (trip times, waiting time, load, unload) cost savings


in safety/insurance cost savings


in documentation cost savings


in maintenance cost savings


in retention cost savings

Total Annual Savings


Savings are based on 1 driver/truck, 12 hours per day/truck, 22.5 working days/month, $200 fuel cost per day/truck

Your entire Navistream team is truly the best that there is. Every time I have the pleasure of dealing with any of you it truly amazes and enlightens me at just how simple and streamlined your processes are, how quickly and efficiently I have results and how far above and beyond all of you go for your customers. I truly am amazed and grateful at how easy you have made my job just by doing your jobs.”

Lotus Terminals Ltd.
Safety & Compliance Officer

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Navistream ELD in Action by BC Forest Safety Council

A Day in The Life – Using Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).

Navistream ELD is known for its simplicity and reliability. That is why we are the Number 1 Choice among Forestry Truck Drivers.
Visit BC Forest Safety Council for more information.


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