Fleet Productivity & Savings

Fleet Productivity & Savings

Make sure your fleet is operating as planned and customers’ expectations are being met

Through its geofencing, GPS vehicle tracking, and two-way messaging solutions, Navistream helps operations personnel get the most out of human and capital resources.

The strong operational management and tracking tools are provided as part of a transportation technology solution that allows fleet managers to maximize asset utilization, minimize variable costs and improve fleet safety.

Keep Your Workforce Efficient

Navistream provides real-time data across your fleet to help you take appropriate actions and adapt to any changes at minimal operational cost. With this data, operations staff can address any delays immediately, increase driver safety and satisfaction, and lower time spent on delivery processes.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

By timing loading and unloading processes, tracking trucks, and facilitating communication with drivers, fleet managers can provide customers with an accurate estimated arrival time. Not only does your driver productivity get optimized but your customer satisfaction is also improved!



Using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network, you can create geozones to draw virtual boundaries around the locations of your points of interest, including load and unload locations.

Some sites such as brake checks, fueling stations, and scales are already saved on the map. Geozones are used to track all the activities within the defined zones, allowing you to easily manage any potential inefficiencies.


Start Tracking


  • Saving key locations on the map
  • Bookmarking the most important sites
  • Knowing exact times of arrival and departure at a site
  • Identifying the number of visits per site
  • Monitoring time spent at locations
  • Tracking vehicle behaviour on sites


  • Knowing in real-time when a vehicle enters and leaves the geozone
  • Identifying any disruptions or delays at pick-up and delivery appointments
  • Creating time estimates for productive loading and unloading processes
  • Identifying assets that are misused

GPS Truck Tracking

Navistream GPS vehicle tracking system integrates Google Maps and Google Street View providing valuable insights that will help you visualize your fleet operations.

Find out how well your fleet activity is performing by:

  • Knowing detailed truck positions and driver statuses in real-time
  • Identifying patterns and inefficient trends
  • Monitoring truck driver behaviours



Benefits of our GPS fleet tracking software include:

  • Gaining greater asset visibility
  • Optimizing asset utilization
  • Ensuring fleet safety
  • Identifying undesired driver behaviours such as speeding, extended idling, or harsh braking
  • Delivering work as expected

Take Advantage of This Now

ROI Cost Savings

Navistream pays for itself the moment it is implemented.


in fuel cost savings


in utilization (trip times, waiting time, load, unload) cost savings


in safety/insurance cost savings


in documentation cost savings


in maintenance cost savings


in retention cost savings

Total Annual Savings

$5, 796

Savings are based on 1 driver/truck, 12 hours per day/truck, 22.5 working days/month, $200 fuel cost per day/truck

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