Blog: 5 Ways Telematics Can Improve ROI & Your Bottom Line!

Transform your data into valuable information. Use Navistream to drill down into your operations and get detailed information about your fleet’s performance.

#1 – Driver Performance Summary & Driver Coaching Reports
Manage your fleet’s performance using key performance indicators such as speed, RPM, and braking. Navistream’s custom scoring setting allows users to set points for good driving behaviours and subtract points for bad driving behaviours. Improve individual drivers behaviours, improve overall fleet safety, and decrease your variable costs.

#2 – Manage Points of Interest with Geozone Reports
Manage points of interest or areas of travel with geozone reporting. Using the Fleet Tracking map and your cursor, click and create shapes around the areas you’d like to collect information. Collect data like speed, distance, and time duration for areas like customer facilities, loading sites, or off-highway areas.

#3 – Business Intelligence through Trip Summary Reports
Review individual driver metrics on the trips they travel. Compare individual details like fuel consumption, distance, idle, idle fuel consumption, and how they contribute to the averages of the entire fleet. Adjust date ranges, filter in and out the details you want to analyze, and create and save templates for continuous use with your staff.

#4 – Improve Your Bids With Cycle Summary Reports
Manage fleet and individual cycles for your fleet. Compare empty, loading, loaded, and unloading details like distance and duration to increase visibility on your fleets cycles. Adjust date ranges, filter in and out the details you want to analyze, and create and save templates for continuous use with your staff.

#5 – Mapping To Review Trips On Breadcrumb Reports
Within both the Cycle Summary report and the Trip Summary report are breadcrumb overviews of driver routes throughout their day. Review driver trips, delays, and durations visually marked on the Fleet Tracking map. See exactly where and when various driver behaviours and events are occurring on the Fleet Tracking map.

Streamline Transportation Technologies ELD solution Navistream’s Advanced Reporting provides BI & Analytics to review individual operators, fleets and organizations as a whole. 

About Streamline
Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc., an Arrow Company, is a leading provider of fleet management solutions for the transportation industry. Streamline combines telematics with advanced wireless and vehicle automation technologies to make vehicles safer, cleaner, and more productive. Streamline offers three major core products; Navistream™, an ELD and telematics platform, NaviLink®, a vehicle gateway and active control system, and Degama, a Transportation Management Solution (TMS). The integration of the three platforms allows Streamline to offer a complete package of fleet solutions, customizable to any fleet size. For more information, visit

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