Streamline Is On Its Way To Canadian ELD Certification. What to Expect?

Streamline Is On Its Way To Canadian ELD Certification

What to Expect?

Why ELDs?

The Government of Canada has announced the mandatory use of Electronic Logging Devices to improve road safety, reduce commercial driver fatigue, ensure compliance with HOS regulations, and facilitate fairer competition.

All federally regulated commercial carriers that operate in Canada and those who cross Canada must drive within their hours of services (HOS) and accurately log their working hours. In addition, a driver must retrieve, retain and produce a complete ELD report for the current 24-hour period plus the previous 14 consecutive days of driving.

When should I get ready for the Canadian ELD Mandate?

The Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators (CCMTA) and the Minister of Transportation announced that the mandate will begin with the soft enforcement period that ends by January 1st, 2023. Be prepared to have ELDs installed in your trucks by January 2023.

Streamline’s standing in Canadian ELD certification

At Streamline, we ensure that our ELD solution Navistream complies with every regulation on time and we are confident that we will be certified before the Canadian ELD mandate full enforcement date.

Canadian ELD certification includes paying an upfront fee to the certification body, testing hundreds of use cases and ongoing yearly testing and recertification. That is why this process takes time. Streamline’s ELD Navistream is already self-certified in the USA as of 2017 and has made a commitment to existing and future customers that we will be certified for Canadian carriers.

What Happens when Streamline’s ELD Navistream is certified?

Streamline’s ELD Navistream will be added to a list of certified devices on the Transport Canada website. Canadian ELDs will have to be recertified every four years. Streamline monitors the certification process and is keeping existing customers updated on important dates. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Streamline directly.

A sneak peek of Streamline ELD release

Along with becoming a certified ELD, the upcoming Navistream ELD release will have improved functionality and new features available to all users.

Expect to see advanced customizable reports settings and filters. In addition, administrators will see more reporting options, including Unidentified Driving Summary reports on the MyNavistream website.

We have minimized changes for drivers, so no additional training is required for drivers.

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