Addressing Labour Shortages in the Transportation Industry

Addressing Labour Shortages in the Transportation Industry

Labour shortages and “The Great Resignation” have dominated news headlines throughout 2022. An upward trend in vacancies across multiple industries has left many scratching their heads and wondering, “Where exactly did all the people go?”  A January report by Trucking HR Canada predicts an estimated 55,600 upcoming driver vacancies between 2019 and 2023.


Various factors are at play when it comes to driver vacancies. As we begin to transition out of the peak of the Covid-19 era, many individuals have had an opportunity to reassess their career plans. Some have chosen to reduce their hours, work remotely, go into business on their own, or even move into entirely new industries. However, the most significant hurdle for the transportation industry is undoubtedly retirement, with the average age of Class 1 Drivers in Canada being 55.

What can be done?

Recruiting a Millennial and Generation Z workforce is crucial to ensuring steady employment in the transportation and logistics industries. To attract this demographic, various provincial and state governments offer subsidies and other incentives for Class 1 Driver Training. Businesses in the sector are thinking outside the box in terms of recruitment. Incorporating non-traditional hiring strategies such as virtual recruitment fairs and digital advertising initiatives has been successful in reaching a younger audience that might not have previously considered roles in the industry.

A Solid Retention Strategy

Of course, recruitment is only half the battle, and solid retention initiatives are essential to a successful employment strategy. In today’s tight transportation labour market, attracting top talent takes more than offering a well-rounded benefits package. Robust pension plans, health and wellness programs, and other industry perks such as paid wait time, year-round work, and scheduled home time will often determine employee longevity. Top-of-the-line equipment and a rigorous maintenance schedule ensure employees feel safe in their career choice. Intuitive Electronic Logging Devices such as the Navistream system allow drivers to go through entire pre and post-trip vehicle inspections with ease.

Recruitment challenges aside, the future of the transportation business is bright. A recent industry profile from the Vancouver Public Library shows that the Transportation and Warehousing industry in Canada expects to expand its workforce at a faster-than-average pace over the next ten years.


For further information on Class 1 Driver grant programs in Western Canada please see the links below:


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